Cheddar Village Snooker Club promotes a friendly environment in which members can enjoy snooker.


1. Membership is open to all persons over the age of 18 (eighteen) at the discretion of the Committee.


2. Non-members and persons under the age of eighteen must be accompanied by a member at all times whilst on the premises.


3. All members and guests must sign the register in the snooker room before play commences.


4. Members are responsible for their guests and a guest fee of £1.50 per session must be paid and placed in the box provided. (Regular guests must be encouraged to join the club)


5. Upon joining the club, new members will receive a Kings Fitness & Leisure membership card and a code which allows access to the building during opening times. The membership card must be presented to the reception to gain access to Kings Fitness & Leisure centre and before entry to the snooker room. The code must not be passed on to non-members.


6. Membership of Cheddar Village Snooker Club entitles the use of all Snooker Club facilities and Kings Fitness & Leisure café facilities only. The opening hours of the Snooker Club are:-
Monday to Thursday from 6.00am to 10.30pm
Friday 6.00am to 10.00pm
Weekends and Bank Holidays 8.00am to 6.00pm


7. Facilities may not always be available because of pre-arranged matches, functions or activities.


8. Any member of staff or committee member can at any time ask a non-member or member who is not obeying the rules to leave the premises. Anyone asked to leave the premises may appeal in person or writing at the next committee meeting.
Members are additionally required to:
• Respect the building and equipment.
• Be respectful of all other users of the building.
• Use the car park in the designated parking spaces outside the building.
• Leave the building in a clean and tidy condition and ensure any rubbish is put in the bins provided. The Kings Leisure is committed to recycling so please use the recycling bins provided wherever possible.
• Report any breakages to the Centre volunteers or a member of the Snooker Club committee. Breakages must be paid for at the current market value.
• Ensure that the door is firmly closed on leaving the building. Leave the building in a quiet manner so as not to disturb the immediate neighbours. Members must not:
• Smoking in a public building is illegal.
• No food or drink is permitted in the snooker room.
• Use or remove items not belonging to them without the owner’s consent.
• Allowing non-members to use your entry code to enter the snooker room is not allowed.


The breaking of this rule will result in an instant ban. (See rule 8)


If you are aware of anyone who is not observing the membership rules, you must inform a Committee Member.


Any member who is considered to have breached the rules will have their membership withdrawn.